Get The Deep Insight on Google Analytics Attribution Model

Attribution Model is a way to determine which marketing channel/source leads to conversion. This helps to get the detail insight on the way customer leads to conversion using different sources.

Using attribution model we can answer various question relating to marketing –

  • 1. Which is the best marketing channel that leads to more conversion?
  • 2. Which are the best performing keywords in terms of conversion?
  • 3. Which is marketing channel is not performing to generate conversion?

If we talk about digital marketing the answer of the above question will help you to gain the better overview of the performance of digital marketing channels. Also based on the outcome of attribution model you can decide the amount you are willing pay and which are marketing channel is performing well.

To View Attribution Model Report –

  • Go to Google Analytics Conversion –> Multi Channel Funnels –> Attribution

Let’s explore how user interact with the website and how many of them converted into conversion. Here, we are going to discuss in detail how “Attribution Model” works.

  • 1. Joseph is searching for best job portal and finds your website via Google search engine i.e. organic search. Click on “Apply Job” button.
  • 2. The second user finds your website by reading a blog which we published on third party blogging site and this leads to conversion on your website.
  • 3. The third user is converted into conversion by PPC ad that is displayed on the Google search.
  • 4. Last week you send an e-mailer to 100 users and based on that 2 user finds your services very interesting and they finally converted into conversion.
  • 5. One user click on your Facebook social post and then converted into sales after visiting your website.

Here, you can see there are 5 different sources which leads to conversion i.e. Organic Search, Referral, Paid, Emailer and Social Network.

New Attribution Model Advance Feature Insight–

The Google Analytics attribution model provides the better overview on how user converted into sales. Helps your to decide how your marketing is going and which source is compare to be more effective and perfect that leads more conversion.


Easy To Compare –

There is a feature under attribution model that offers you to compare the different attribution that leads to traffic. Based on the percentage in change we can measure every sources of conversion in detail.

The below image gives you the detail overview of the comparison done in Attribution model.


Custom Attribution Model Creation –

If you want to create a new attribution mode here the steps

Google Analytics –> Admin –>View –> Attribution Models

Click on the + New Attribution Model

The below screen will give you the detail overview of the process of creating the attribution model.


Once done click on “Save” button.

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