Google BERT Algorithm Update

Google BERT Algorithm – Get prepare & leverage it

Google launched BERT algorithm dated 25th Oct 2019 and this is going to be one of the biggest update after RankBrain. This time Google adjust its algorithm to better understand natural language processing

This update will be going to impact 1 out of 10 queries. So, the overall impact of this update over search engine would be 10% targeting all languages. This going to impact both organic search result and featured snippet.

What is BERT?

BERT stands for bidirectional encoder representations from transformers. Google adjusted its algorithm to better return the result based on user query. Now, Google gives importance to each word of the query to return the best result.


  1. User can get the flight detail after putting the flight number in search box over Google SERP
  2. User can get the answer after putting the math equation in search box over Google SERP
  3. Google ‘Auto Complete Feature’ automatically predict the when you finish typing in search box over Google SERP

Google has already achieved all the above-mentioned feature. Now, how Google BERT algorithm is different?

Now, I am going to share some of the example that helps you to get the insight on how Google BERT algorithm is different.

We have picked some of the query result before and implementation of BERT.

Example 1 –

User performing search “2019 brazil traveler to usa need visa”

Below are before and after result

BERT example

If you check the query in detail, you will find that after implementation of BERT Google fetch the more accurate result.

Example 2

User perform search for query “Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy

BERT Google Update

Similarly, in the above the after result is more accurate in comparison to older result.

BERT not only impacting organic result only, but it also impacts featured snippets.

How BERT impact featured snippets?

Google BERT is going to impact the featured snippet in addition to organic result. Let’s explore an example that help you get the detail on overall impact of BERT on featured snippet.

User performing search for “Parking on a hill with no curb”

Featured snippet result

The result after BERT algorithm is more accurate. Now, Google importance to each word in query. In previous result you can see that Google not focusing on all the word of the query i.e. ‘Curb’.

How can you leverage and prepare for it?

The BERT update is more focused on informational based keyword. So, the best way to prepare for this update is to identify the informational based keywords targeting topic.

Below are some strategies that you employ to leverage BERT for your SEO –

  1. Target CPA
  2. Identify long tail keywords with good volume. Use different tools – Keyword planner, MOZ, Ahrefs, etc
  3. Create content specific to topic
  4. Review your competitor’s content and make your content more valuable as compare to your competitors. Its does mean that you should write long content in comparison to your competitor
  5. Write in natural form
  6. Don’t focus on keyword density

If your traffic drops after BERT, please reach out to us by commenting. We will help you to strategies you SEO approach and improve organic visibility.

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