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Google broad search algorithm update rolled out

On 1st of Aug 2018 Google confirmed “Broad Core Algorithm Update” roll out. The announcement officially shared over twitter by Danny Sullivan.

broad search algorithm update

The tweet clearly states that Google broad core algorithm update is more focused to provide the accurate search result. Normally Google every year releases one and more updates relating to core algorithm. The motive of such changes/update is to provide refined the search result over SERP.

Now, let’s go deeper into “Google Broad Core Algorithm Update”.

What is Google broad search algorithm update?

Regularly Google changing their search algorithm to provide more accurate result. But very few of such changes/updates going to have the impact on the keywords ranking over SERP. And very few of them get confirmed by Google.

Unlike normal update, Core update happens only once or twice a year. And such update going to impact the search query ranking over SERP.

The motive of introducing “Google Broad Search Algorithm Update” is to provide the more accurate search result as per user query. The focus is on content and how well it explained corresponding to the topic. This clearly states that this update is more centric towards topic not on structure and keywords.

What are the impact of Google broad search algorithm update?

Google broad search algorithm update is one of the most recent update that impact the ranking of site. But not all site get impacted.

  1. Impacted some site positively
  2. Impacted some sites negatively
  3. Some site has not observed any changes in ranking

As per Google broad search algorithm, Google evaluate each website based on how perfectly it matches with user search query and how well the content is. If you are impacted with such update it does not means that you are violating any guidelines. The best practice is to evaluate your competitor’s content and make your content more powerful to beat your competitor.

How to overcome from Google broad search algorithm update?

I would like to highlight some of the best strategies that work perfect to overcome Google broad search algorithm update.

  1. You need to generate the content from user point of view not search crawler/bot. Before writing a content, you first need to evaluate the content topic from user point of view –
    • What user is expecting from this content?
    • How this going to help user to meet their expectation?
  2. Content should be topic specific not the keyword specific. Don’t artificially integrate the keyword in the content part. Always write the content in natural way by providing detail information.
  3. Evaluate your competitors who are ranking on the top. Generate your content in much better way to beat your competitor.

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