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Google Expands Rich Cards Globally

Recently we heard that Google is expanding the Rich Cards functionality globally. Last year Google introduce the concept of Rich Cards for U.S region relating to movies and recipes.

Before discussing in detail all about the Rich Cards in detail let’s first explore the recent update relating to it.

Recent Update of Google Rich Cards

Google is expanding rich cards globally to present the information relating to movies and recipes in an attractive way. On 28th March 2017 Google decided to do so. During initial period it was launched for only U.S region but now they are planning to expand it globally. So, Its a great news for all the movies and recipes based website those who wants present information over Google Search engine result page in an attractive way.

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Let’s now explore Rich Cards in detail

What is Rich Cards?

In 2016, Google launched the Rich cards for U.S region only for the Movies and Recipes. Provides completely a new way of presenting information in an attractive way over Google Search Engine Result Page.

All the website relating to recipes and movies can showcase the information in an attractive way.

It helps you to attract the user and make them more engaged.

Google said rich snippet use structured markup. During initial period this is active for desktop and English speaking user.

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