Google SEO changes 2018

It has already been a month pass and based on our analysis of the last year Google search engine behaviors we come are coming with some of the interesting trend and expected changes for SEO in 2018. Also going to share some of the best tips to deal with and get ready for the 2018 SEO.

Structured Snippet

Most of us has seen Google started showing the top ranking keywords in a form of Structured Snippet over “Zero” position and this is very helpful in terms increasing the click through rate (CTR). If your website is having structured content, and ranking for keywords on first page, Google fetch and present the information in a form of Structured Snippet over SERP.

For more detail on how to implement featured snippet explore our blog – “tips to get featured snippet”.

Voice Search based result

With the growing use of mobile phone/smartphone the voice search is gaining more importance. 1 Out of 5 is the ratio of voice search query over mobile and this is expected to increase more. For most of the voice based search Google showing featured snippet over SERP. We personally experienced that Google started showing 30% of voice search data in a form of featured snippet.

So, the best way to deal with voice search based result, you need to structure the content in proper format and can also go for the JSON/LD to implement.

Artificial Intelligence to fetch result

Google using RankBrain – machine learning AI system to fetch search result. It has been observed that Google machine learning algorithm RankBrain fetch result for the 15% of the search query.

Google recently developed the cloud based AI called “Google Bain” to fetch result. Google brain is more powerful and it behaves like a normal human to fetch the search query result. This may not be accurate every time. But yes, in 2018 we can see search query to be fetched using AI.

So, the best way is to deal with Artificial Intelligence, you need to optimize the web-page as per human.
Get ready and prepare for this Artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm.

Link-building Techniques

In 2018, Google is stricter to evaluate the backlinks.

If you have backlink of such form, it can kill your website visibility over search engine –

  • Website not matching the theme
  • Website having lots of ads and created for monetization purpose
  • Spammy website
  • Low DA website with slow loading time

So, when starting link-building in 2018, always evaluate the website on above-mentioned types of website.

Mobile first Indexing

From 2017 Google started giving preference to mobile user. To meet the growing use of mobile phone/smartphone Google introduce various concepts i.e. AMP, mobile site, and more.

In 2018, Google will give preference to mobile site over desktop site. Google index mobile first. Google will rank the mobile version of content more better.

Soon, google going to transform the SERP with the mobile version content.

So, prepare for mobile first indexing and improve you website indexing and visibility over SERP.

Get Ready for SEO 2018

Get ready for 2018 and start following the above mentioned trends and tips. This will help you to create the perfect plan and improve your visibility.

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