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Google Going To Introduce Google For Jobs

Google completed the testing of “Google for Jobs” and may be in this week or next week Google going to launch it. This is basically a jobs search feature platform that offers jobs based on user query. Initially it will be launched in U.S region.

Many of us are not clear with what is “Google for Jobs”. Here, we going to explain you in detail. Before moving in detail. Let’s, first understand what are the benefits of having “Google For Job

  • 1. This will going to include all the jobs for every professional.
  • 2. Job seeker can explore all types of jobs ranging from entry level to experienced job.

Why Google introduce this in USA first?

USA employer facing shortage of the talent and not able to fill the vacancies. Even employees are not able to find the right opportunities. So, Google decided to introduce “Google for Jobs” in USA. Providing the right platform that helps employers and employees to get connected easily.

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How Google for Jobs work?

  • • Based on the user query Google for job going to display the relevant job for them. Based on the user query it starts recognizing the user and show the relevant jobs to the user.
  • • User can perform the job search using the various options like jobs by location, category, data, title, full time, part-time and more.
  • • Google machine learning understand the user query and cluster the data in such a way which help user to find the right job information as per their query.

    For example, if a user search for “software Engineer” or “IT Engineer” or “Software Developer”, depending on how the employer wrote the job description. Google will put together all these together, so user can find the right job based on the query.

  • • To apply the Job user need to click on “Apply”.

How Google going to display the job over Google for Jobs?

Google going to partner with famous Job Portal like LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and more. From these websites they pick the data and display over the Google for Jobs.

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