Google June update

June 2019 was one of the most important months for webmaster and SEO professional. To provide the more useful and accurate result Google introduced two major algorithms –

  1. June 2019 Core Update
  2. Diversity Update

This is the second time in 2019, Google confirmed about algorithm update. Now, lets explore in detail both the update individually.

What is June 2019 core update?

In the month of June 2019, Google announced a new broad core algorithm update. This was pre-announced update by Google and expected to roll out ends on 8th June 2019.

Insight on June 2019 core update

This was a usual core update as Google used to perform on regular basis to provide the more accurate search result. The main purpose of core update is to provide the more accurate and relevant information to the user query over SERPs.

Impact of June 2019 core update

  1. Some news sites impacted a significant drop in ranking this update –
    • The British DailyMail seen 50% drop in traffic
    • Another news site – Cryptocurrency based website CCN seen 71% drop in organic traffic and 90% of daily revenue and this leads to shut down its business
  2. Increase in Video carousel result – Improve the layout of SERPs with more video carousels over Desktop SERPs. Also, the video results are ranking higher in comparison to text-based result.

How to protect from June 2019 core update?

  1. Google officially announced that there is nothing to do to fix it
  2. This update is not targeting any specific category/segment. The board core updates are wider in scope
  3. Previous mar 2019 core update is specific to E.A.T (Effective, Authoritative and Trustworthy). But this Jun 2019 core update is very broad in nature and hit website of different domain targeting news, entertainment, YMYL, etc.

Some of the useful tips that are not directly related to this update but compare to be useful to recover from this update

  1. Content should be highly authoritative and trustworthiness with more accurate author bio. Author bio should have proper social profile – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This gives sense of trust to visitor/user of the website.
  2. Website should be Trustworthiness (E-A-T)
  3. Content should be original, high quality, useful and factual. The information should provide value to reader/visitor

What is Diversity update?

In addition to core update, Google also rolled out the Diversity Update in the month of June 2019 between 4th of June to 6th of June. The diversity update was introduced by Google to reduce the appearance of multiple result from the same website in Google organic search for top 10 results

Impact of Diversity update?

The website that appears multiple time on Google first page for same query would get impacted most. There are so many websites that are appearing more than once over Google search engine for the same query. Such website gets impacted more and will going to loss organic traffic to some extent.

Conclusion –

The purpose of this post is to share the insight on Google broad core and diversity update. By exploring, webmaster/ SEO professional help you to measure the impact of this update and steps to prepare to recover from these updates.

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