Google New Visual Search Tool – Google Lens

Google recently announced a new product named “Google Lens”. This going to provide the completely new way of searching the internet using your camera. Using camera you can take the picture and Google lens get the detail relating to that image. Now, let’s explore in detail the complete information about Google Lens.

How Google Lens will work?

As per the data collected from annual gathering of developer meeting, Google Lens works in a completely new way. Using camera you can take the picture and Google Lens helps you to find the detail information relating to that image using Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Let’s consider an example –

If we take a photo of a restaurant, Google Lens get the detail information relating to the restaurant like menu, reviews relating to different recipes, opening hours, seat availability and more.

Lens will be integrated into Google Assistant, with the new button into Assistant app, user can able to launch the Lens and can insert the photo into the conversation. Using this feature user can get the detail information relating to the photo.

You can also connect to your home Wifi by just taking a snap of your wifi no. from you mobile camera and Google lens will identify the network’s name and password. Offer you the option to tap a button and connect automatically.

google lens

When this going to be launched?

Google not yet confirmed when they going to launch it. They have not specified the date.

But yes very soon they going to lunch it.

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