Google Maccabees Update

Last year December 2017 Google introduced an algorithm update called “Maccabees Update”. Most of us not aware of this new update. Here, I would like to bring the deep insight on this.

What is Maccabees update and its impact?

Different people have different thought on Maccabees updates. Based on the webmaster experience and survey what we get are listed below –

  • • Some faced drop in organic traffic of their website over mobile because of missing some on-page SEO activities.
  • • Some faced drop in desktop traffic because of missing some on-page SEO activities.
  • • Some faced drop in overall traffic due to having backlink from websites that has lots of ads.
  • • Some has not seen any change in their overall traffic and user experience.

How to overcome Maccabees update?

Check the data using Google search console and Google analytics. Evaluate the traffic data corresponding to each landing page. If you find the drop in the traffic it may be because of Maccabees update.

The best way to overcome Maccabees update is to perform following –

  • • Block user-generated content to get indexed by the Google search engine.
  • • Target right keyword for each page.
  • • Make proper use of to help Google better understand the content.
  • • Check the backlinks analysis properly.
  • • Check the responsiveness of the website.

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