Google medic update

All About Google Medic Update

In Aug 2018, Google confirmed a major Google algorithm update i.e. Google Medic update. This seems to be one of the biggest update that Google rolled out this year till the time.

What is Google medic update?

In reality we don’t know much about Google Medic update. Over twitter, Google specified –

medic update

By reading this tweet, nobody get the insight about what this update is all about.

As per Google, this is a global and core update that going to impact all types of website of different niches. But, based on the survey conducted by SEORoundtable, we came to know that medical, fitness, and health based site impacted a lot.

There are so many other sites from different niches were impacted, such as e-commerce, insurance, finance, business to business, entertainment, deal sites, etc. The interesting thing, many of those “e-commerce” sites sell health/medical related product, so the 42% number might be closer to 50%.

Why this update call medic update?

Based on our analysis we identified there are two main reasons –

  1. Barry Schwartz, is one of the most prolific writers in the search industry, who called it Medic update.
  2. Impact the medical, fitness, and health based sites.

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