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Google New Longer Snippet

Have you noticed Google’s new longer snippet in search engine result page? Recently Google search engine increase the length of Meta description from 165 characters to 250 to 320 characters.

What is Google new longer snippet?

Google new longer snippet increased the number of character to be shown on Google search engine result page. The main motive of launching is to present the information in more detailed manner over search engine. Now the Meta description characters limits increased from 160 to 165 characters to 230 to 320 characters.

In the below screen you can see the longer snippet. I searched for “blog commenting techniques” and Google return the result with longer snippet.

longer text snippet

When Google launched longer snippet?

The fist I noticed this in the beginning of November 2017. Now Google automatically start converting the data over the search engine result page in longer character form. Based on the website page content Google robot collect the information and fetch it as Meta description over Google search engine result page.

Based on our review, we identified that Google recently converted around 51% of the snippet to longer snippet. From the page content Google collect the information and fetch it as longer snippet. Within 40 days Google converted 51% of data.

Google implemented this for both desktop and mobile user. Not only on desktop but also on mobile you can see the same longer snippet.

How we to proceed with Google new longer snippet update?

The best way to move ahead with new longer snippet is to have good quality content on your web page. But make sure that the content length should not be too lengthy. The more lengthy content can annoy the mobile user.

The best way to deal with this new update is to prioritize the web pages of your website for which you are receiving good traffic. You can start re-writing the long Meta description for each page and using Google webmaster – “Fetch” start submitting the pages for quick indexing. After doing so you can see a significant increase in the overall traffic of that pages and also record high keywords ranking.

Google Mate description is no longer a ranking factor. It only helps in improving the CTR (click through rate). So, to make better impression and improve CTR start optimizing the Meta description with longer snippet. The best recommended size would be 230 to 320 characters.

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