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Google New Structured Data for Job Listing

Yesterday Google made an announcement relating to the “Structure Data for Job Listing”. If you have a website that offer jobs than its a great changes for you to list out the jobs over Google Search Engine Result page using this new structure data.

The listing of job will be presented in more attractive way using this new structured data. This will be the part of “Google for Jobs“.

Now let’s move on how to get your job listing over Google.

  • 1. We need to make sure that the crawler can crawl the job post.
  • 2. Below are the main properties that the markup must have to define to create the job listing over Google –

    baseSalary – This will include the base salary of the job.

    datePosted – Job posting date. When the job posted.

    educationRequirements – Education requirement for the job.

    employmentType – Which of employment full time, part time, temporary, intern, etc.

    hiringOrganization – Which company organizing the job opportunities.

    incentiveCompensation – If there is any bonus or incentive exist in the job.

    industry – Which type of industry is this?

    jobBenefits – List out the benefits associated with the job.

    jobLocation – What will be the job location.

    qualifications – What specific qualification required?

    responsibilities – what are the roles and responsibilities associated with the job.

    salaryCurrency – Salary currency need to specify using salary code.

    skills – Is there any special skill required for the job?

    title – The main title of the job.

    validThrough – Need to specify till when this job is valid. For which time frame this job is open.

    url – Need to specify the url of the job.

What are the benefits of having Job listing over Google?

  • 1. Easy visibility for every single job over search engine with an attractive User Interface.
  • 2. Job seeker can make various kind of filtration in order to find the right job.
  • 3. Also benefit for the webmaster to generate traffic to job.

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