All About Google Panda Algorithm – Make Your Website Panda Friendly

Google Panda algorithm was launched to improve the value of search over Google. Google panda and Google Penguin are the two most important algorithm that was designed to improve the value of search. On regular interval Google keeps modifying the algorithm and evaluate the website as per the parameters of the algorithm. Before moving deeper let’s explore in detail what is Google Panda?

Google Panda Algorithm –

Google Panda algorithm aim is to promote the high quality website on the top by dooming the low quality content website. On regular interval Google keep modifying the algorithm and also on a regular interval evaluating the website as per the parameters. Website with high quality content will be promoted where as low quality content will be doomed.

There are two important terminologies –

  • 1. Google Panda Algorithm Updates
  • 2. Google Panda Refreshes

There are huge difference between the two but most of us are not aware of. Let’s explore the major difference between the two.

Google Panda Algorithm Updates – In such types of update there are some modification in the algorithm part. Setting the parameters to evaluate the website as per the standards.

Google Panda Refreshes – To maintain the standard of Google Search, Google evaluate the website as per the standards of the algorithm. In case of refresh, there will be no update in algorithm.

How to Make Website Google Panda Friendly?

  • 1. Low Quality Content – Filter out all the low quantity content. You need to evaluate your complete website in terms of low quality content/duplicate content. There may be the possibility of automated generated content. Check the content quality on the basis of grammar, spelling and words.

    How can we remove low quality content or duplicate content: –

    Block low quality content from Google Indexing by using Robots.txt file or robots meta tag.

  • 2. Unique/Quality Content – Convert the low quality content into unique one by re-writing. You can evaluate the uniqueness of the content using Copyscape. Make sure while integrating the content on your website it need to be written by you. Don’t copy the content.

  • 3. Reduce the Number of Ads – Reduce the number of to the page. If you have so many Ads on the page it can distract user, increase the loading time and also reduce the user experience.
    So, the best idea is to have low number of Ads on your website.

How will You Know you are the victim of Google Panda Algorithm?

If your website hit by Google Panda Algorithm you can see a huge fall in the Page view and overall traffic. Using Google Analytics you can track the traffic.

To sort this issue you need to follow the above mentioned steps and then ask Google restore your website. It takes time to restore the website. So, you need to have the patience and wait for the next Google Panda Refresh or update.

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