Google Panda Devaluing vs Demoting Insight

Recently Google two major updates hits the google algorithm in real time. Google Penguin latest update 4.0 run in real time and evaluate the website on page by page basis. Now Penguin can hit the single page or complete website if it violates the guideline. But Google Panda work in a different way. Google Panda demote the ranking for the website and its targeted keywords that not following the guidelines and we call it “Panda Devaluing versus demoting”.

As we already discussed how the Google Penguin will work and how it going to evaluate the website on real time in my older blog –“Google Penguin 4.0”. With Panda the case is totally different. Now Panda Algorithm will not demote the link or website it only adjust the ranking of the website relating to targeted keywords.

Deep Insight of Google Panda – Devaluing vs Demoting

  • 1. Now Google Panda is no longer a penalty. It can only affect the ranking of the website.
  • 2. Evaluate the website on the basis of on-page quality and adjust the on that basis.
  • 3. As per Barry Schwartz if 80% part of the website is worst and not following the guidelines, Google Panda going to demote that particular some part of the website.
  • 4. This new system of ranking adjustment was done to avoid the game of gambling over search engine.
  • 5. If you make the recommended changes Google soon help you to maintain the website ranking on targeted keywords.

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