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Google Posts Is Now Live On Google My Business

On 22nd June 2017 Google announced that Google Post going to be live now for all Google my business users. Google post is finally available to all small businesses. The content will appear on both Google Search and Map result.

This is launched for small businesses that use Google My Business. User can access all the post by moving into its Google my Business and move over the post section. Over there they can see all the post corresponding to that.

To have access to this you need to open the below URL –

Here, just move onto the “Posts” section and you can see all the post corresponding to that Google My Business Account.

Below is the screen of “Google My Business” account. You can see on the left hand side there is an option of “Post”. So, by clicking on “Posts” you can see all the post.

google my business

I have not posted any post that’s why its not showing any post in my Google My Business account.

Now, let’s move on how to create a post.

While creating a post you have lot more options i.e. text (100 to 300 words), Title (Start and End date). Based on your requirement you can specify the call to action button like “learn more’, Sign up”, “Buy”, “Get Offer” and more.

Below is the screen shot –

create post

As per Google this going to offer following benefits –

  • 1. On daily basis you can share the special offer and encourage customer to avail the benefits.
  • 2. For all your upcoming event you can tell the customers in advance about the same.
  • 3. You can showcase your favorite products.
  • 4. Using call to action text you can connect to your customer instantly.

The Post will be available on both Google MAP and Google Search Result.

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