Google Price Extensions Deep Insight

Google recently introduce a new extension called “Price Extension”. Using this extension we can showcase our products with prices. So, interested user can explore the product directly from the Ads. In the ad itself user can see the prices corresponding to the products. Now no need to go for Google Merchant Center. In Single Ad you can integrate multiple products with prices. Even every products have a link too. So, interested user can explore the product in detail by just clicking on the product image. In this article we going to provide the detail knowledge on “Google Adwords Price Extensions”.

Steps to keep in mind while creating extensions

  • 1. Go to the Google Adwords
  • 2. Select the campaign/Ad Group for which you want to add price extension.
  • 3. Move to “Ad Extension” click it.
  • 4. Press “View” move to “Price Extension”
  • 5. Press +Extension
  • 6. Press +New Price Extension

For this new price extension you need to specify the price, language, type, currency, price qualifier, link, header and description. For detail please see the below specified screen.


Points To Remember –

  • 1. Header can be up to 25 characters.
  • 2. Description can be up to 25 characters.
  • 3. Over mobile devices header and description appears to be shorter.

Benefits of Having Price Extensions

  • 1. This extension helps to grab the attention of visitor whatever the AD position you have.
  • 2. If your audience is more focused towards price, this extension work best and help to convert most of your click into conversion. Only those visitor clicks who are interested in buying your products. With other extension the conversion ratio is very low.
  • 3. Save money. Now using this extension you can show the price corresponding to different products. You don’t need to for other services like merchant center.
  • 4. You don’t need to pay more in order to display the price corresponding to different products. It works like a other extension. You only have to pay when user click on it.

For overview please see the below specified image.


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