Google Enforcing Safe Browsing Policy

8th Nov 2016, Google announced a new updates relating to safe browsing policies. Now Google will start sending violation notice to those webmasters who are violating safe browsing policy. Those who continue such violation will get a 30 day time out.

How Google communicate?

Using Google search console registered email id. Google start sending notification to those webmaster who are having malicious files/software hosted on their website. Also warn them to diagnose the issue properly and sort them out. If you are violating such policy you will be in waiting period for next 30 days and during that time frame you need to sort such issue. This period is implemented for the purpose of reducing such offense.

If webmaster continue such violation repeatedly they will be marked as “Repeat Offenders”.

What the aim behind?

The main aim of implementing such policy is to provide the safe browsing experience to the users. User can securely browse websites over web.

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