Google Search Console Empower Its Security Issues Report

Google Search Console empower its security issues report by enforcing detail description relating to each type of security issues.

On 6th Sept, 2016 we noticed some improvement in the “Security Issues Report” of “Google Search Console”. Now, webmaster can get the detail information corresponding to each of the security issues detected by safe browsing.
Webmaster can get the specific detail information corresponding to Malware, deceptive Page, harmful download and uncommon download. Here, you can get the “Tailored Recommendation Corresponding to each type of the issue, including URL which webmaster can check to identify the main reason of the issue also webmaster can take specific action to sort this issue out” Google told.

You can check the security Issues report –

Google Search Console Dash Board –> Security Issues

By exploring the above path you can move to the security issues report section. Below screen will give you a brief overview. My website is not affected with any of the security issues that’s why it’s not showing anything.


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