Google Search Console Soon Removing Oldest Feature “Sitelink Demotion”

Google announced that they are going to drop the functionality of Sitelink “Demotion Feature” from Google Search Console/Google Webmaster. This is one of the oldest feature that Google webmaster use to have. Very soon they going to drop this feature and user cannot see this particular functionality in their webmaster account.

We basically use this feature for –

  • Demoting link – In order to remove any link of our website from featured sitelink over search engine result page we use this feature. Sitelinks are the page links that search engine fetch and represent over Search engine result page in a form of snippet.
    For detail please see the below image.
    The section highlighter with 1 represent the main domain with title, url and description. Whereas section 2 represent the sitelinks.


Why Google Search Console/Google Webmaster Remove this feature –

Now, Google saying its algorithm is much smart and can identify automatically the most important links of the website and can show the same in the form of site link.

Why Site Link is so important?

Site link is compare to be very important in order to divert user attention. If your website have the organized structure Google automatically the most important link and present it in form of sitelinks.

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