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Non-HTTPS Sites Going to be Not Secure

Google Chrome going to treat every non-HTTPS sites to be treat as a not secure site. This update going to be roll out in July 2018. Google start evaluating website every website on the basis of secure and non-secure website.

What is Google Security Update?

To make web more secure Google start evaluating every website on the basis of HTTPS and non-HTTPS. Using Google chrome browser Google start evaluating every website and in the mid of 2018 going to roll out this security update.
The main motive of this update is to provide secure site to the user and also make web more secure. This update is expected to roll out in July 2018 with Google Chrome 68 release.

Google always giving preference to HTTPS site. It also count this as an important ranking factor. Site with HTTPS getting more organic visibility as compare to non-HTTPS sites.

What are the benefits to switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

There are so many benefits when you switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS –

  • 1. HTTPS is one of the important SEO ranking factor. Website with SSL getting advantages in SEO as compare to non-HTTPS site.
  • 2. Make site more secure and protected.

How to switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

  • • Always start with the test server. This helps you to test every single implementation.
  • • Check the current version of the website in terms of crawling, indexing, and more. This helps you to check the website current status and get ready for the migration to SSL.
  • • Crawl the current website so that you know the current state of the website.
  • • Get the security certificate and install it on your server. Based on server to server it varies. So, before starting to install the security certificate, read the documentation and perform the step by step process.
  • • After implementation of security certificate, you need to update the database, script, image and all the reference of the non-secure site.
  • • To make it search engine friendly you need to update the canonical tag.
  • • Perform all the required changes like OG meta tag, URL and other.
  • • Update the sitemap.xml file by update the all the URL using HTTPS.
  • • In order to check the indexing, crawling and on-page of a website run screaming frog. This helps to get the detail SEO on-page report and using that report we can check which version of the URL is index and crawled. Also helps to get the broken link.
  • • Update the robots.txt file.
  • • Once you are done with all the required changes, you can Go Live.

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