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Google speed update becoming ranking factor for mobile search

On 17th Jan 2018 Barry announced that Google is going to introduce “Google Speed Update” as a ranking factor for mobile search from July 2018. This algorithm is designed basically for the mobile search. This update will be going to affect a small percentage of a search query for the mobile search.

Who going to affect?

Web Pages with the slow loading time will be impacted. Google is going to incorporate it in July 2018. So, webmaster having enough time to improve the loading time of a web-page and get ready for the update.

To optimize the loading time Google introduce two major tools that help to optimize website speed-

1. Google PageSpeed, Google recently updated the Google PageSpeed tool by providing the real-time webpage speed score. Try it now and find out the detail about how to sort page speed issues.

How to use

  • a) Open the PageSpeed Tool
  • b) Enter the webpage URL and click Analyze

2. Lighthouse seems to be perfect to check the loading time of a website over a mobile search engine.

How to use

  • a) Open Incognito windows using chrome browser
  • b) Put webpage URL in the address bar and hit enter button
  • c) Go to the browser setting -> More Tool ->Developer Tools-> click “Audits”
  • d) Perform the test

These two tools work perfectly to optimize the loading time of a webpage.

Will Google Speed Update going to affect crawling and indexing?

Google Speed update will not going to affect the crawling and indexing of a website. This will impact the ranking of slow loading time over mobile search engine.

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  1. Thanks for the information.

    It really very important for every website. We should consider it and start implementing the same.

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