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Google Two Major Updates But Not Yet Confirmed

Yesterday 2nd Sept 2016, most of the searchers discussed over search communities relating to “Tow Major Updates” one is “Core web Search Result” and the other one is “Local Pack Result”.

Most of the searchers were saying that they have observed changes in their ranking relating to targeted keywords over Google Search Engine Result Page. Have you seen any ranking changes relating to your website over Google search engine? Then you were the victim of this update. Some were telling this is the Penguin Update and some were saying this is a quality update. But this is a core search algorithm changes as per the changes observed by the Searcher or as per the discussion over communities.

Google not yet confirmed any update.

Relating to “Local Pack Result” most of us were saying , Its quality update as Google removing some of the local results those who were violating the guideline. Google not yet confirmed for this also.

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