Google search console releases a new tool – URL inspection tool

On 25 June 2018, Google search console releases a new tool called URL inspection tool. In this article we are going to discuss in detail a) what is Google inspection tool, b) what are the motive of launching such tool, and c) how to use it. This seems to be very useful from website URL structuring and make it more search engine friendly.

What is URL inspection tool?

The URL Inspection tool provides the detailed overview of the most recently indexed version of the webpage. Help you to get all the indexing and related information.

You can find following information –

  1. Is page indexed over Google search engine?
  2. When last crawled?
  3. Is the page included in sitemap.xml?
  4. Is indexing attribute specified in page meta tag?
  5. AMP page indexed or not?

How to use URL inspection tool?

Below step by step process help you to get the complete overview of using URL inspection tool to check the webpage indexing current status.

Go to Google search console

Select the property” by clicking on it.

After that click on “Try new Search Console” from the right top corner. Here, you can see the “Search console” beta version.

url inspection tool

Click “URL Inspection” from the left side panel.

url inspection tool testing

Enter the URL of your website in the “search” bar. You can check the URL current indexing status for the property you have. You cannot test the status of your competitor or other website that is not part of your “Google Search Console” property.

After entering the URL, it takes few second to retrieve the result. Below, is the screen.

retrive data using url inspection

Once the retrieving is done, Google URL inspection report fetch the result with detailed information. Here, is the report that you get after test completion.

URL inspection tool report

The motive of launching URL Inspection tool

The main motive of launching inspection tool is to help user to get the detailed information on the webpage indexing. Now, using this tool, you can perform the indexing and crawling testing of any webpage of your website. There are so many other tools are also available, but this is going to provide the more accurate information with detailed insight.

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