If you are a content marketer you must be aware of guest blogging.

Are you still using guest blogging as your content marketing strategy? If yes, are you making the right use of it? And if not, it’s time to start it now!

Most marketing specialists and experts thought guest blogging is dead, but if you are making perfect use of it, you can excel brand visibility. So, the question is what are the effective guest blogging strategies? Let’s go deeper and understand it in a more detailed way!

We are going to discuss in detail how to create effective strategies to leverage Guest blogging strategy to excel your brand. The aim is to give you very detailed information on executive success guest blogging strategy.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Improves authority in the Industry – Using guest posting you publish content on multiple niche site matching to your industry. This depends more on what content you are publishing, if the content is informative, users prefer to read, refer and share it. This improves your brand authority. In marketing strategy authority is considered as a key element to a successful brand.

  1. Increase Website backlinks – The more content you publish on high domain authority sites with do-follow backlinks the more link juice you have. This increases the website backlinks and improves the chance of getting better visibility over the search engine result page.

    As per SEO, backlink is an important element to decide which to rank high in SERPs.

  2. Improve brand visibility – For every brand, visibility matters the most and to increase brand visibility guest bloggers play a significant role. If you are able to publish high quality content on trusted and popular website matching to your industry, you can improve your brand visibility to some extent.

    Based on the most recent study done, a good quality content on high traffic and popular site can increase brand visibility by 15%.

  3. Build brand reputation over search and social platform – Nowadays reputation plays a crucial role. So, if users are talking positively about your brand, it means you are brand maintaining positivity over search and social platforms.

    Brand reputation is not directly related to guest posting. But whatever content you publish and how users perceive it in different scenarios. This not only helps users to trust the brand but also improves.

  4. Increase user base – As you know, guest blogging helps to acquire backlinks. The more backlinks you have the more traffic you generate and this increases the overall user base of your brand. But it more depends on what types of content you write and where you publish.

    Quality content + High DA site = Increase User Base

  5. Influence the audience to share your content – Informative content influences every user to promote and share. High traffic websites usually have good user base and if you publish informative content, you can influence existing users to make your content viral by sharing and promoting over different digital channels.

Most effective strategies to get started with Guest Blogging

To move ahead with guest posting, it is important to understand how to start your most effective guest blogging strategies. Below are the most effective ways to start your guest blogging strategies –

  1. Understand your goals – Every marketing activity starts with a goal and to move ahead you need to decide your goal. Below are typical types of goal in terms of guest blogging –
    • Improve website visibility on targeted keywords
    • Increase backlinks to improve website authority – DA
    • Generate more traffic organically – SEO
    • Increase user base

    By having a goal in mind you can plan your guest blogging strategy more effectively.

  2. Techniques to identify sites for guest posting – Here, the most important ways to identify the right sites as per your business type.
    • Use the below search string on Google Search box to identify the target site –
      1. Your Keyword “guest post”
      2. Your Keyword “write for us”
      3. Your Keyword “guest article”
      4. Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”
      5. Your Keyword “contributing writer”
      6. Your Keyword “want to write for”
      7. Your Keyword “submit blog post”
      8. Your Keyword “contribute to our site”
      9. Your Keyword “guest column”
      10. Your Keyword “submit content”
      11. Your Keyword “submit your content”
      12. Your Keyword “submit post”
      13. Your Keyword “This post was written by”
      14. Your Keyword “guest post courtesy of”
      15. Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
      16. Your Keyword “suggest a post”
      17. Your Keyword “submit an article”
      18. Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”
      19. Your Keyword “contributing writer”
      20. Your Keyword “submit news”
      21. Your Keyword “become a guest blogger”
      22. Your Keyword “guest blogger”
      23. Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
      24. Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”
      25. Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
      26. Your Keyword “guest poster wanted”
      27. Your Keyword “accepting guest posts”
      28. Your Keyword “writers wanted”
      29. Your Keyword “articles wanted”
      30. Your Keyword “become an author”
      31. Your Keyword “become guest writer”
      32. Your Keyword “become a contributor”
      33. Your Keyword “submit guest post”
      34. Your Keyword “submit an article”
      35. Your Keyword “submit article”
      36. Your Keyword “guest author”
      37. Your Keyword “send a tip”
      38. Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
      39. Your Keyword inurl: “guest post”
      40. allintitle: Your Keyword + guest post
      41. Your keyword + “I’ve Been Featured On”
      42. Your Keyword + “Sites I’ve Written For.”

      guest blogging opportunities

    • Identify the sites using backlink analysis tool – There are so many backlink analysis tools. I am considering “Ahrefs”, using this you can evaluate the backlinks of your competitors. Create a sheet and save unique links with high domain authority. Also check which types of links they are providing. – dofollow/nofollow. On the basis of that you can start approaching them one by one.
    • Find sites using social platforms – Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can play an important role in extracting guest bloggers

  3. Choose a winning topic – Once you are done with identifying the sites, you can start with creating a content topic and plan. Review the targeted site and identify the hot topics.

    Perform detailed study on the topics and generate good topics. This can be accomplished using Buzzsumo tool. This tool is good enough –

    • to identify popular topics from the website
    • to determine related topics that seems to be popular

    Then, search keywords based on monthly volume using Google keywords planner and plan the complete layout of the content.

    Content aggregator sites can be leveraged to create winning topics and develop content plans.

  4. Establish connection – While establishing connection with guest bloggers make sure that you don’t pitch in an ordinary way. Make your pitch more attractive to guest blogger by –
    • Giving brief introduction of yours
    • 2 to 3 topics that you want to publish
    • Short topic overview on any one topic

    Also, explain how this post will help guest bloggers to excel traffic and grab user attention.

  5. Write quality content with bio – Your content should be engaging and catchy to grab user attention. Everyone prefers to read detailed/informative content. So, if you can write informative content you can generate a lot of user attention.

    What to include to make your content effective –

    • Understand the user’s persona
    • Include heading and subheading
    • Write detailed content
    • Tap into emotion

    It’s best practice to include the author bio. The author bio gives signals to search engine engines and users that the content author is expert enough in that particular field and this content is good to explore and share.

    Your author bio must include links to your home page and social media pages.

  6. Promote your content – Once content published, you can start promoting it over different digital marketing channels. Just submitting content is not enough to get noticed by users, you need to share it on different digital marketing channels.

    The best is to pass utm code to track the performance.

    Some most effective ways to market your content without spending a single penny –

    • Share content on social brand page – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc
    • Target high followed groups and share your content
    • Create catchy image relating your content to attract user attention
    • Submit link on link promotion site

  7. Measure success – Over a period of 1 month after content published, you can start measuring the success using analytics tools. What all you can measure to judge the success –
    • Keywords ranking
    • Traffic generated in terms of – session and new user
    • Impact on overall backlinks DA score
    • Brand popularity

    In case the visibility is low, you can repeat the content marketing activities.

Hope this blog helps you to get the insights on end to end guest blogging! Stay tuned to get updated with digital marketing tips and techniques.

Happy reading!

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  1. How can I get free lists of guest blogging sites? if I search the terms that you have provided, will it find free list for me? Or paid? LMK.

    1. By using the search string specified in the post you can find the list of website that accept guest blogging. Before reaching out you have to explore the site in terms of type of site, DA and more.

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