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As we already know that backlinks play a very important role in SEO. If you have quality backlinks from high authority sites matching your theme, you can gain better organic visibility. Before discussing in detail what are effective ways to gain backlink in 2020. I would like to provide the insight on types of backlink, and the types of link the website must have.

What is backlink?

Before discussing the strategy of building backling in 2020, we would like to give you the insight on what is backlink. A backlink is nothing but incoming links pointing to a webpage. This can be a “dofollow” or “nofollow.” Any links that are pointing to a page counted as a backlink for that page to which it points.

Most of the time people are confused in backlink and outgoing links. Here, is the difference between the two- Backlink and outgoing links are separate entity. To understand it let’s take an example I have two webpages A and B. Webpage A passing a link to B. In this “B” is getting a backlink from “A,” and “A” is having one outbound link that is pointing to “B.”

What are the types of backlinks?

Backlinks are broadly classified into two main categories- “dofollow” and “nofollow.”

Dofollow – Dofollow backlink pass link juice. It means if your webpage is getting a backlink from high authority site you get the weight of that website.

Nofollow – Nofollow backlink does not pass link juice. It only diverts traffic.

Most effective ways to get backlink in 2020

Initially, you need to understand the types of backlinks regarding domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), spam score, and theme of the website. These are the most important factor that every webmaster must consider while start building backlink.

Here, the most effective tips to get backlinks

Use BuzzSumo, to identify the most popular content.

Enter the keywords in the search bar and check the popularity of the content by the searches over the social platform.

To get the insight, you can explore the content in detail by opening it. So, you get the detail on the content. Based on that you can generate the better content.

To make better content, you can create multiple types of content – blog, article, technical content, infographics, video, etc. User is interested in informative content. Content is king only when it is informative and meet the expectation of user who are searching for information. Below sharing detail insight on creating infographics content because most of us like infographics and this will helps to get content viral. Before start creating infographics, you first need to plan the complete design and content. Once, you are done with the content; you can use any of the below-mentioned infographics creation tools –

  • canva
  • dribbble
  • infogram

Make sure that the infographics should be super visual.

If you have knowledge of photoshop or coral draw, you can create the infographics of your own.

How to promote infographics based content and gain backlinks?

The best way is to integrate “embedded code” at the bottom of the infographics. There are so many free tools are available that helps you to create the embedded code. If you are using WordPress platform, you can activate the plugin called “Embedded code generator.”

Go back to Buzzsumo and check the no. of a share of the identified content. Explore the share detail by clicking on the “View” button. This helps you to provide who shared that content.

You can contact every single person who share that content.

Here, I would like to share the format of the mail that you can use for contacting the person –

Hey ABC,

I noticed you shared the article on Twitter call – Title of the article by the author.

I have similar content that breaks down it in the form of visual fashion, i.e. “Title.”



There are so many tools available that help you to fetch the email id of the person from Twitter and another social platform. Once you identify the email id, you can mail the text mentioned above.

You can use Ahrefs tool to identify the most popular article and use the steps mentioned above to identify the individuals and content sharing.

You can use “Ahrefs” to perform the competitor’s analysis and identify the most popular content of your competitor.

The takeaway

This article helps you to provide the detail information on the types of backlink and how to develop the backlink instantly without must off-page link building. Here, you get the complete overview of how to use Buzzsumo and ahrefs to identify the most popular content and make proper use of it gain the backlinks.

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