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Linking Google Analytics & Google Webmaster

Linking Google Analytics with Google Search Console helps you track useful information relating to Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you to track the keywords current status like ranking, impression, landing pages and many more. So, by linking Google Analytics with Google Webmaster you can track some useful information relating to your website/blog.

Now we demonstrate the complete process of integrating Analytics and search console. After setup of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster account. You can establish the connection between the two by integrating.

How to integrate it? To integrate you need to go to the Google Analytics and then login.

After Login click on “Admin tab” and move to the “Property” and the click “Property setting”.

google analytics overview

Once user click on proper setting a new window will open. Here you need to select “Adjust Search Console” button. This is specified in the bottom part of the page. In the below screen its specified in the green outline area.
google analytics property

This will take you to the new window, where you need to click on the “Add a site to the search console” button. This step integrate Google analytics with Google Search Console. Once done, hit the refresh button after some time. The below print screen will give you complete overview.

google analytics linking

Once the link establish you can check the search traffic by exploring:

Acquisition ->Search Console ->Queries

integration process

This will help you to explore important information relating to following:

  • Landing Page: Landing page tab let you see the complete information relating to all the landing pages where user lands corresponding to your website/blog. Relating to each landing page you can see the Acquisition, behavior and conversion.
  • landing page

  • Country: Under country section user can see the traffic acquisition, behavior and conversion pertaining to different location.
  • country traffic

  • Device: Device section shows the total traffic from different devices like tablet, mobile, laptop, desktop, etc. So, using this you can know which types of devices user are using and pertaining to each device you can know the total acquisition, behavior and conversion.
  • device specific traffic

  • Queries: Queries section shows all the queries user are using to search your website and corresponding to each queries it shows clicks, impressions, CTR (Click Through Rate) and Average Position over search engine.
  • integration analytics webmaster

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