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Google recently confirmed that it shortened search results snippets after expanding. Last year December Google started showing longer search snippet – 250 to 300 characters. Therefore, many webmasters or SEO professional increased the length of Meta description to make perfect use of length on Google search result page.

Recently we have noted that Google reduced the length of search snippet. Last week we noted the change. Google also confirmed that they had reduced the length of search snippet (Meta description).

There are so many questions webmaster, and SEO professional have relating to the new update.

What should be the length of Meta description?

Google Meta description has no fixed length. Based on the search query Google dynamically fetch the content in the form of snippet from the web page.

Based on our survey we have identified 160 characters on desktop whereas on mobile 130 characters.

Should we change the Meta description?

Google advice does not make any changes in the Meta description. It dynamically fetches data from a web page.

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