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Attention Mobile First Index Going to Rollout

Very soon Google going to launce mobile first index. So, it’s very important that webmaster need to make M dot domain responsive. Otherwise it can loss all its visibility.

As per mobile first index Google going to give preference the responsive website as compare to non-responsive website. We have published on blog post relating to the same. For detail information about what is “Mobile first Index” ? Explore it now.

Below are the advice that you should know about mobile first index

  • 1. Google recently announced that they soon going to roll out the “mobile first index” and they want to warn all the M dot domain that they need to make it responsive. So, that the changes of losing the visibility and indexing over search engine can be reduced.
  • 2. If the webmaster planning to make their M dot domain responsive after “Mobile first index” rollout, then Google will fully index all your content and URL. The overall migration process will take longer time in terms of URL and content updation.
  • 3. At present google give preference to desktop-first index. As per the growing need of mobile user, Google decided to force “Mobile First Index” soon for the M dot domain. After the roll out Google will not index anything. It evaluates the as per the update.

Below are the perception that most of the webmaster thinks in terms of optimization

Most of the webmaster thinks that on mobile site it’s perfect to show less content as compare to desktop version of the same site. But as per Google this can leads to change in ranking over mobile search as compare to desktop search.

The best practice is to use the same content on both desktop and mobile site. Also have the same user experience.

m dot responsiveness

Deep Insight on “Mobile First Indexing”

  • 1. As per Mueller “mobile first index” will roll out on site by site basis. In a form of batch Google moves sites in this new indexing program.
  • 2. Going to launch this in 2018.

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