Optimization Based on Google Mobile First Index

Few days back we posted an article on “Mobile First Index“. Now we are going to explain you how you can optimize the website as per Google Mobile first index. Google already started testing its mobile first index. As per the expert it looks for the mobile version of your website first to calculate the ranking. If the website don’t have the mobile version or is not responsive, it will jump to the desktop version. As we already explain in our last post that as per mobile first index Google giving preference to mobile optimized website.

Most of the search engine started giving priority to mobile optimized website as the number of mobile users are increasing day by day. To meet the requirement of users most of the search engine are enforcing site responsiveness.

Below are the most important site optimization tips and techniques as per Google mobile first index.

Loading Time Optimization

You need to optimize the speed of website so that it load faster. Loading time is one of the most important elements to rank better on Mobile. If your website load in less than a second the chances of ranking the website on mobile device is higher.

Point to remember tips and techniques in relation to loading time optimization: –

  • 1. All the images on your website should be optimized. The bigger size image can reduce the loading time. You need to optimize it such a way which can improve the website loading time.
  • 2. Deletion of irrelevant characters from the source code without effective the core functionality of the website.
  • 3. Reduce the redirection.
  • 4. Leverage browser caching.
  • 5. Never block CSS, Java script and images.


Mobile Optimization

Now responsive website having lot more advantages as compare to desktop version. Below are few of the tips that help you to make mobile optimization –

  • 1. Always try to avoid the use of Flash.
  • 2. Avoid making use of Pop-ups. This can increasing the loading time.
  • 3. The design should be such that allow user to navigate the page, category and button with finger.


On-page optimization

In terms of mobile search engine optimization you need to make sure that the title and description should not be too big. Also optimize the image using alt attribute and title tag. Other on-page elements optimization includes heading tag and more. For detail explore our blog on – “Most Important On-Page SEO Element”.

This helps to improve the visibility over mobile SERP.

In order to improve the visibility over local area you can go for following techniques:

  • 1. Integration of brand name and city name in title and description.
  • 2. Integrate brand name and city name in heading tag. Also in other on-page elements.
  • 3. Optimize the content by integrating brand and city name.

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