mobile first indexing recommendation

Mobile First Indexing Recommendation

Very soon Google is going to roll out mobile first indexing algorithm. So, many webmaster having so questions in terms of moving the mobile site to responsive version and much more. From search engine land we came to know some useful recommendation that Google is suggesting in terms of mobile first indexing.

Google has recently published detailed information on moving m-dot site to responsive. This information seems to be very effective for all the sites those who want to move to mobile version. Also Google suggesting some implement techniques relating to mobile version of the website and this need to be responsive, before the mobile first indexing roll out.

Below are some useful tips that can work amazing to move ‘m’ dot domain name to responsive –

  • 1. At the very first you need to make your responsive site ready as soon as possible.
  • 2. Perform 301 redirect for all the old mobile version URLs to new page URLs this are responsive. Perform on URL basis using 301 redirect, redirect the old URL to the responsive URL.
  • 3. You can use rel=canonical for all the responsive URLs. So, that correct url will be indexed.
  • 4. Remove any mobile-URL specific configuration like conditional redirects or HTTP header.

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