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Last week Google rolled out the mobile first indexing. Now Google is going to evaluate every website on the basis of mobile first indexing. Also, Google started sending the notification to the webmaster via Search Console.

Last year Google clearly stated that they are going to roll out Mobile first indexing in the mid of 2018.

What is mobile first indexing?

Google mobile first indexing is a process where Google boat crawl and index the mobile version of the site. With the growing number of mobile phone, Google started indexing the mobile version of the website.

Previously Google has different indexing criteria for mobile and desktop user. For all the user, using a desktop, Google shows desktop version whereas for mobile, mobile version. Now with the growing use of mobile phone, Google introduced the concept of mobile-first indexing. For that website that doesn’t have the mobile version/mobile-optimized site, Google index the desktop version.

Why did Google shift to Mobile first indexing?

With the growing use of mobile phone, Google decided to introduce the mobile first indexing concept. The desktop indexing can create a problem for the mobile user. So, in order to server, the mobile user better Google mobile first indexing is the best option.

What to consider to get ready for mobile first indexing?

Get ready for mobile first indexing, you should have following-

  1. 1. Responsive design
  2. 2. Ease of use over mobile
  3. 3. Speed of site

A perfect mobile site is one that looks good over mobile, easy to navigate and load faster.

Here, is the checklist for mobile first indexing –

  1. 1. Responsive design – To rank well on mobile first indexing you must have responsive design. A responsive site is one that fits every screen.
  2. 2. Mobile optimized content – There are so many websites that claim to be responsive website, but their content is not responsive.
    A mobile optimized website is one that offers perfect usability over a mobile phone in terms of content, videos, and images. Don’t hide content.
  3. 3. Create website and webpage as per mobile user – Most of us are still creating website as per desktop user and then transform it as per mobile user. But as per the recent study, we have identified that around 60% of user are using a mobile phone to explore the web.
  4. 4. Fast loading time – Website must load fastly over mobile. The loading time should not be more than 3 seconds.

You can use mobile responsive testing tool to check the responsiveness of the website, and this helps you to get the detailed information about the responsiveness issue.

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