Mobile Optimized Content Get Priority to Index

Google recently going to introduce a new update called “Mobile First Index”. As per this update Google will give preference to mobile version content on both mobile and desktop search result in terms of indexing and ranking.

Now the question comes how Google crawling and indexing works after this update?

Now Google starts using mobile version page as a primary search engine indexing and this leads to quick and fast indexing of responsive pages as compare to non-responsive pages over Google search engine.

What are the changes we Google going to make in crawling and indexing?

Now a day’s people are performing more searches over mobile and to meet the requirement of users Google decided to index the mobile optimized pages first in the search result page. The non-responsive pages will not open properly over search engine and this lack of user engagement. So, to provide the better result Google started using responsive page/mobile optimized pages over google search page indexing. Previously Google use to crawl and index the page using desktop browser point of view, but now the Google changed the way of crawling and indexing of pages. Now Google is going to use mobile browser view.

What will happen with the non-responsive or non-compatible mobile web pages?

Those who don’t have the mobile website they don’t have to worry. Google still crawling and indexing the desktop version but the weightage will be given to the Mobile site. You can go for the mobile compatible website. You can ask your web designer and developer to make your website responsive.

If you have the mobile site you need to make sure that it should be the complete replica of the desktop version including link, content and pages.

How much time it will take to fully rolled out?

Google not yet committed how much time it will take. At present they are testing the mobile first indexing. If each and every things works perfect they will going to roll out this new feature. But if there is some issue they will not going to roll out.

What will be the impact this have on mobile ranking?

Definitely this going to have lots of impact over mobile ranking. If your web page is responsive it will crawl and index fastly as compare to the desktop version.

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