Possum The Local Ranking Algorithm Update by Google

1 Sept 2016, most of the webmaster recorded the change in local algorithm over Google. Members of the search community decided to give it a name “Possum”. Its all about the local algorithm update.

Most of the business owner recorded that their business listing gone. But as per “Possum” they are filtering the local business listing. Now let’s explore it in detail all about Possum algorithm update.

What is Possum Algorithm Update?

Possum is all about the filtration of local business listing over Google Map. The main motive of this update is to provide the accurate business listing information over Google and remove all the duplicate and unauthenticated business listing. Most of the business have multiple address with the same contact number. To provide the accurate results to user Google pushed the “Possum Algorithm” Update and start filtering the duplicate and unauthenticated (spam) business listing. Office/business with multiple address with the same contact number and same website get effected by Possum Algorithm. For a business like this Google filter out the result. Some of the business get huge benefits from this update. They saw a ranking improvement in local ranking. The filtration is done on the basis of address and affiliation.

As per the impact this is one of the biggest update after Google Pigeon update.

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