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Process to Remove AMP from Google Search

Initially AMP pages was introduced to meet the demand of mobile user. The mobile user don’t have enough bandwidth to load the image based normal landing pages. So, to instantly load the page Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) came into action. During initial period most of the website launched their AMP pages to meet mobile user requirement.

But there was no way to remove such pages from search engine indexing. Webmaster or publisher face lot of challenge to remove and optimize AMP content. So, to meet the requirement Google introduced the concept of removing the AMP content from Google SERP.

Below we have listed some of the useful strategies that works perfect to stop showing AMP content in Google search result. Recently Google added or published a document in Developer section targeting AMP content removal from Google search engine result.

On CMS platform like WordPress, Drupal and Squarespace you can manage the AMP in different way. Below are list of steps that you need to follow to remove AMP content from Google SERP for the custom build solution.

Some of the publishers facing an issue that AMP content causing lack of revenue and control over ads.

Tips to remove AMP content from Google Search result

  1. Remove rel=”amphtml” link from the source code of the canonical page.
  2. Add “noindex” meta tag on all the AMP pages. Preventing Googlebot from crawling and indexing of AMP pages.
  3. After adding the “noindex” meta tag go and update the sitemap. Submit the sitemap.xml file over Google Search Console.
  4. Verify the removal of your AMP page using Google Search console AMP report.
  5. Make your server configured to manage the 301 redirect for all AMP pages.
  6. Manage the redirect in perfect way for all the AMP pages.
  7. Check over Google search result for the removal of all your website AMP pages. You need to check completely and if any AMP page exists look into it and perform the above mentioned steps.

The above mentioned step perfect in order to remove completely the AMP page from Google Search Result.

The main motive of launching the AMP page is to accelerate the performance of website over mobile device. For more detail on why Google introduce AMP concept please explore our blog – All About AMP Content.

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