Are you using Quora?

There are multiple reasons that force people to use Quora. What are those? Below are some of the most common reasons –

  1. To improve brand visibility
  2. To gain individual presence
  3. To get updated with topics of your interest
  4. To get answer of the question raised

Before digging deeper into the topic let’s first understand about Quora!

What is Quora?

Quora is a most popular content aggregator site, which is mostly used to gain and share knowledge on different topics. Quora is more than a normal question & answer site and offers a lot more features i.e., ask the question, write answers, follow topics, create blog, write comments, and track analytics specific to your account.

How to improve website traffic using Quora?

We would like to share some of the most useful and game changing strategies that work awesome to improve website traffic using Quora. From last couple of years, most of the marketing professionals have been using this platform to generate organic traffic to their website/app.

It has been found that Quora seems to be the most useful platform to generate huge traffic for small to big brands.

Are you using Quora in the right way? Are you able to track Quora traffic?

By default Google Analytics tracks the Quora traffic under ‘Social’’ and ‘Direct’. Most of the time it seems to be very challenging to track every single session. It can be possible by using the right “utm_source” in the URL.

Let’s explore the most effective strategies to generate traffic

  1. Don’t make fake profile, always create account using real name
  2. Always create a catchy profile with the links in the author’s bio and it should be pointing to your website/app

    Example –
    Title – Growth Market @ your brand name

  3. Description– should be catchy and define your expertise specific to domain you are targeting

  4. Upload the real image by following the Quora policy
  5. Start following people in your domain, who have good follower
  6. Choose the questions that are related to your products/services/offering/interest
  7. Before answering any question, evaluate it based on the number of followers
  8. Before start writing check the answer written by other and their upvotes and views
  9. Your answer should be descriptive and should be well formatted
  10. Use images in your answer to make it more appealing and engaging for viewer
  11. Use proper hyperlinks, which helps the user to find the right information. If you are answering any question that is related to your product, you can specify the link of your product in between the answer
  12. You can use “Anchor text” based link as a well normal link, it all depends on your choice. But, personally, I like the “Anchor Text” link.
  13. To track every single traffic, you can use “utm_source.”
    If you use “utm_source=quora” all the traffic will be reported under “Other->quora” of Google Analytics and you can track all Quora generated traffic


We would like to share my personal experience of using Quora to generate traffic for one of our client. At the beginning, the traffic from Quora was zero. By following the “Quora question and answering effective practices” as specified above we generated 463+ traffic within the first 3 months by just answering 10 questions.

Below is the print screen of the “Google Analytics Traffic” overview generated from Quora question and answering website –

get traffic using quora

Here, you can see in Aug 2017 we have “Zero” traffic from Quora, and within 3 months we increased it to 491 in Nov 2017.

Quora is one of the best sources to boost organic traffic and boost brand visibility.


Start using this practice to excel your brand or individual reach. Hope you like it in case If you have any questions feel free to comment in the section provided below. Looking forward to your query/comment.

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