Reasons for Google Adwords Text Ads Disapproval

There are so many reasons for ads disapproval. Before moving into detail first we need to understand what is text ads? Text ads is the most basic type of ads which appear in Google SERP.

Google Text Ads consists of following elements and each having certain characters limit–

Heading – 25 characters

Description line 1 – 35 Characters

Description line 2 – 35 Characters

Display URL – 35 Characters

Destination URL – 1024 characters

Note: – Using Extension you can increase the size of text ads.

Now, let’s explore what are the reasons which can leads to the ads disapproval.

  • 1. Never use adult, dangerous words in your text ads. This can leads to disapproval of your ads.
  • 2. Never use copyrighted words. This can disapprove your ads.
  • 3. Never integrate phone number in text ads. To integrate the phone number you can go for the call extension.
  • 4. Always limit your ads as per the characters specified above.
  • 5. Don’t include special characters too often in content part.
  • 6. Never write the content of text Ads in CAPS..
  • 7. Don’t claim that your company/business is no.1. To do this use extension. Consumer rating extension is perfect to claim your business.
  • 8. Landing Page/Destination Page and Display URL should be the part of same domain. If it not matches your ad may be disapproved.

Action To Be Taken After Ads Disapproval –

  • 1. Always fix the disapproved ads on priority. To avoid getting further notification.
  • 2. Google don’t have historical data relating to disapproved ads. So, you can delete the disapproved ad and create the new one as per the guideline specified above.
  • 3. Continuous disapproval can leads to account suspension. In case of continuous disapproval you can delete the ads and create the new ads as per the guidelines.

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