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In this blog post we are going to have a very detailed discussion on SEO link building strategies. SEO is broadly divided into two main categories on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Most of the webmasters are aware of on-page SEO optimization. Those who want to have a detail insight on on-page strategies can explore our blog – SEO Checklist. Apart of normal off-page activities I am going to share the best strategies of acquiring the backlinks. Now, let’s move on SEO link building best strategies. Most of us are struggling to get the links and gain visibility on the targeted keywords.

link building strategies

I am going to explain you the best link building strategies, which we can be very helpful for any type of site-

Competitor’s analysis – Using AHREF tool we can do the backlink analysis of our competitors and able to identify the website from where they are gaining the links.

This helps you to get the insight on following –

  • a) What types of backlinks your competitor’s having?
  • b) Is this is a do-follow/no-follow backlinks?
  • c) What is the domain authority of the site?
  • d) What is the page authority of the site?
  • e) What anchor text is using for hyperlink?
  • f) Links pointing to which page?
  • g) Is still links are active?

Based on the above data you can create an excel sheet and list out the sites. Once the sheet is done you can start approaching the site for link building.

Note – you can repeat the same process for more than one competitor.

404 error page – Using the same tools AHREF you can do the very detail analysis for all the backlinks pointing to error page/404 page. Download the data from the AHREF tool and start investigating the backlinks that are pointing to error page.

Such type of error may appear because of following reasons –

  • a) Syntax error
  • b) Page no longer available
  • c) Page URL changed

Once you get the list, you can start approaching the webmaster of the sites to correct the links or you can use 301 redirect for all the updated and removed URL.

Moving men method – moving man method is one of a new technique for building backlinks from quality sites of your niche. Moving men method is a perfect way of gaining backlink instead of creating brand new content. Using ahref you can find the list of sites that removed the content or changed the brand name. In such case you can appoint moving man method. This is really very helpful in gaining the backlinks.

Now, I would like to highlight the best practices of moving men method –

  • a) Find the web pages that are out of dated
  • b) Optimize the content in much better way as compare to older one.
  • c) Contact the webmaster of the site that linked to out dated web pages and ask them to update the links pointing to new content.

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