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SEO Secret – Every Business Must Aware off

Search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone so many changes in last few years – to make search engine result more accurate and relevant as per user query. SEO has been in the market from last one decade and during last 1 decade we have seen so many changes in overall search engine behavior. The most famous changes are Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pussum, Mobile SEO, Pigeon, AMP, mobile first indexing, machine learning and much more.

seo secret revealed

I would live to reveal the secret of SEO. To make your search engine ranking high you need to follow below practices. These are the most important secret that most of us are aware of but not applying the same –

Need to keep yourself updated with the search engine behavior and algorithm

Those who are doing SEO or are into the field of SEO need to keep themselves updated with search engine updates and algorithm. The most famous SEO sites that provide the deep insight on search engine behavior are – Search Engine Land, Moz and more.

Always focus on creating the quality content

High quality and unique content is the utmost need of SEO. If your site has high quality content everyone loves. Not only user loves it but search engine crawler also loves it.
To create quality content you must have the deep knowledge of the topic and do some research as well. The detailed, unique and quality content is always having the high priority as compare to other content. Search engine loves to crawl quality and unique content.

Always focus on user experience

User experience is very important. In addition to quality content, we need to take care of the user experience. The user interface of your website should be perfect from both search engine crawler and user point of view. Also make sure that your website should be compatible with different devices. Search engine giving preference to mobile optimized website as compare to non-responsive website.

Build positive relationship. Don’t always involve in link building

Still most of the SEO professional thinks that by having more backlink they can gain the visibilities. Always focus on the quality content and make sure that it should be reachable to the target audience by sharing. Make your brand recognizable by having high quality content. So, focus more on building relationship not the links only. Good relation works perfectly for brand reputation for longer period.

Too many backlinks fro irrelevant sites can hit your site. Penguin especially works for the spammy backlinks.

Start your SEO plan with the long tail keywords

Always start your SEO activity by focusing on long tail and location based keywords. This will help to gain the visibility sooner and also helps user to know about your brand and services. Long tail keywords with location targeting seem to be the best option to get the recognition instantly over search engine.

Promoting short keyword at a beginning is not the right option. Once you gain the visibility on long keywords you can start working on short keywords.

Make proper use of keywords in the content part

Targeting right keyword in structured way seems to be the most important ways to communicate information to the search engine. While integrating the keyword you need to focus on the keywords density and placement.

The keywords should appear in a natural way within the content and make sure that the keywords density should not be more than 1.6%.

Make proper use of social platform

Now a day’s social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Linkedin are very popular. These platforms can bring lot of user engagement to your site if used in a right way.

Target the groups and communities that are related to your site and keep sharing unique and quality content in these groups.

This can brings lot more user engagement and traffic. Apart of that Search engine consider social as a strong signal for site popularity.

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