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Setting Up Google Webmaster Account for Your Website/Blog

Google search console compare to be one of the most effective tool to check the health of your website/blog. You can get the deep insight about the website/blog crawling, indexing, sitemap, robots.txt and security related issues.

If you are planning to have the website you must set the “Google Search Console”. This will be very beneficial to check the complete health of the website. Now we are going to explain the setup procedure of Google search console.

To start you first need to have a Gmail ID. You can use either the existing gmail id or you can create the new.

Go the URL:

This will ask you to put the credential. Once you enter the credential you will be moved to the new window where you need to input the domain name of your website. If you want to setup Search Console for the app you can use it. But this work only for android app.

Suppose I am having a domain

Put the same domain in the box corresponding to website “Add a Property”.

google webmaster welcome

After entering domain name you need to click on “Add a Property”.

This will take user to the next screen. Here, you need to verify the ownership of the account. There are two tabs –

  1. Recommended method
  2. Alternate method

Go with Recommended method.

The below screen is showing Godaddy because my website is hosted on Godaddy server.

verification process

Click on “Verify Button”. This will ask you to put the credential. This will take few seconds to complete. Once the process is completed your Google search console account is set up.

In other case, where you have different hosting. I mean to say your website is hosted on some other server. In such case the Google Search Console verification process will be like the one as specified in the below screen.

google webmaster verification

The detail overview of the option available under recommended method:

recommended method google webmaster

If you go with this option you need to download this HTML verification file and upload over the server in the root directory. You can upload it using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

After uploading this file, your Google webmaster/search console account is activated.

If you go with Alternative Method you will have following options –

  1. HTML Tag
  2. Domain Name Provider
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Tag Manager

Before moving into detail first have a brief overview the snapshot of the alternative method:

google webmaster alternate method

Now we are going to discuss each and every option in detail that is available under alternative method tab –

  1. HTML Tag:Under this option a Meta tag will be provided by Google. You need to integrate the same in the header part of the source code.
    Once done, click on verify button.
    Make sure that you should not remove this tag from your source code. If you remove you loss the verification and again you need to perform the same process.
    The below screen will give you the complete overview, where to integrate the code and how it looks.
  2. html tag method verification

  3. Domain Name Provider: You need to select the domain name provider from the list and then you need to input the credential. Once credential match your account get verified.
  4. domain name provider

  5. Google Analytics: If you choose the Google Analytics method you need to follow few simple steps:
    a) Setup the Google Analytics and extract the Google Analytics Java Script code.
    b) Integrate the Google Analytics code in the header part of the code. As explained in our blog “Tracking Traffic of a Website Using Google Analytics”.
    c) “Edit” the permission for the Analytics web property.
    d) Click on the “Verify” button.
  6. google analytics method

  7. Google Tag Manager: If you planning to use the Google Tag Manager you need to use the “Container Snippet” and the Google Tag manager must have the “manage” permission.
  8. google tag manager

Based on you suitability you can choose any of the option available for verification of Google Webmaster Account. Once account is verified you can get the complete indexing, crawling and other website health related issues.

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  1. Webmaster or Console tool, every day before i start my work. Will check the external link, sitemap.XML, index or crawl errors. Explained simple way and helpful for the beginners. Thanks for sharing

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