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Google keeps on modifying the search engine overall behavior and information presentation. However, we have notice an increase in competition to rank top and a part of that most of the top ranking keywords are not performing that much traffic as we previously generate.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail how we can implement the featured snippet over Google SERP. Before moving on detail let’s discuss in detail what is featured snippet?

What is featured snippet?

Featured snippet is a presentation of information in a more interactive way on the top of SERP organic results for all the query on which webpage rank.

The purpose of featured snippet is to answer the user query in a better way. It presents the information on the top of the Google’s organic search result page in the form of paragraph, list, and table.

What are the types of featured snippets?

There are three types of featured snippets –

  • 1. Paragraph
  • 2. List
  • 3. Table

Below we have specified print screen of all the three types of featured snippet –




How to implement the featured snippets?

Its not compulsory to have schema.org or rich snippet on your website. If you have implemented the content in a structured way, Google automatically detects and present the information in a form of featured snippet for the keywords that ranks in first page of Google SERP.

Here, are the techniques to present the information over website that helps to implement the featured snippets –

Keywords identification

  • 1. Create the content as per the search query for which you are ranking (data as per Google search console).
  • 2. Identify the set of questions for which you rank in Google SERP. You can get the data using Google Search Console – search analytics. Use the filter option to identify the questions based query by using how, when, what, why, and more.

Web-page optimization

  • 1. Create the content as per the search query for which you are ranking (data as per Google search console).
  • 2. Identify URL corresponding to each question for which you are ranking in Google first page/
  • 3. Corresponding to that query optimize the content by answering it.
  • 4. Specify the answer in short form not more than 50 words. Later in the same web page you can explain the answer the query in a structure way. For example if we rank on first page of Google for “how to buy a car”, we can optimize the page by answering the question in structure way. The first paragraph should not be more than 50 words and this paragraph answer the question. In the later paragraph, we can structure the content relating to the same topic in more detailed way.
  • While structuring the content, you need to focus on using the same container when answering the question. Content should be user friendly and completely related to answer. The content should be written in a natural way.

Evaluate the result

  • 1. After making the changes, you need to evaluate the behavior of query using Google Search Console or Google SERP.
  • 2. If its implemented in a perfect way, you can see a drastic increase in the click through rate (CTR).

Shall we integrate the Schema code or not?

There is no harm of implementing the Schema code on you website or blog. But for the featured snippets you need to have the structured content and approach specified above.

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