Best Tips To Get Recover From Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update always evaluates the website in terms of spammy Backlink and if the website found then they are the victim of Google Penguin. On regular interval Google introduce such update to reform the webspam.

Method To Recover From Penguin –

  • 1. If you know the links that lead to spam. You can directly contact the webmaster of the website and ask them to remove link. This will be the perfect way to remove the spammy backlinks.
  • 2. Other way is to Use Google Disavow Tool. Under Google Disavow tool you need to upload the file which contains the links which you want to disavow.
    Below we are going to demonstrate the process of extracting backlinks from Google Webmaster/Google Search Console and then how to Disavow links.

    Method of extracting the backlinks that can be spammy –

    Open Google Search Console previously known by Google Webmaster

    • Click on the site you want
    • Dashboard –> Search Traffic –> Links To Your Site
    • Move on the section “Who Links the Most” –> More
    • Click on “Download more sample links”.

For detail please have look on the enclosed image –


Evaluate the links once downloaded. Once you identify the links that seems to be the reason for spam. Create a text file with.txt extension and integrate all the links that you want to disavow.

Guidelines To create File

  • 1. One link per line
  • 2. Each line must begin with # (hash).
  • 3. Include additional information relating to link.

Note: This file only contains the links that you want to disavow.

Example: removes most of the links, but missed following

#contacted owner of on 1/1/2016

# ask to remove link but not getting response

Upload the list over Google Disavow tool –

  • 1.Move to Disavow tool i.e.
  • 2. Select Your website which you want.
  • 3. Click on “Disavow links” button.
  • 4. Upload the file which you have created.

Note: Don’t upload the new file. Uploading new file remove the older file.

This way you can request the Google to remove all the spammy links.

The process of link removal can take several weeks.

The below image give you the detail overview of Disavow Tool.


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