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Tracking Traffic of a Website Using Google Analytics

In order to measure the traffic of the website Google Analytics consider to be one of the best tool. Using Google Analytics you can check the overall traffic, Acquisition and behavior of the website/blog. You just need to insert the “Java Script” code in the header part of the code. You need to place the code in all the pages which you want to track. But for dynamic website it is very difficult to integrate the “Google Analytics Code” in all the page. In such case you can put the code in the header file. This will track the traffic.

Now we are going to demonstrate how you can setup the Google Analytics Code in the website.

You need to have a Gmail Account or you can create a new Gmail Account. Using that you can login into the Google Analytics. Before login you first need to open the Google Analytics.

The URL of the Google Analytics Account:

After Opening the URL the below screen will be displayed.

google analytics page

This will move you to the Google Analytics Login Page. Here, you need to enter the credential, the mail id and password which you have created. For detail please look into the below mentioned screen.

google login

After login the user will be navigated to the Google Analytics Page. If a user is new to that page he/she need to perform few simple steps to configured Google Analytics. The step by step process is very easy. You only need to follow instructions. The next screen shot will guide you the complete setup process.

google analytics setup

Click on Sign Up. This will take user to the new screen where user need to input few detail relating to his/her website or blog.

Also user can select the Mobile App if he/she want to configure the analytics code for his/her mobile app. Here, we are demonstrating the process of configuring “Google Analytics” for website/blog.

google analytics setup

What all fields user need to input?

  1. Account Name: You can set any name in the “Account Name” section. Generally people prefer to input their business name or website name. So, based on your interest you can set the account name.
    Example: ABC
  2. Website Name: Enter the name of the website only here. No need to specify the URL.
    Example: ABC
  3. Website URL: Enter the URL of the website. If your website using SSL your need to select https otherwise you can use normal http.
  4. Industry Category: Select the category based on your business type. If its not matching select the other option.
  5. Reporting Time Zone: Based on your location set the time zone.

By default all the checkbox are active in the “Data Sharing Setting

Now click on the “Get Tracking ID

tracking id

A new window will open with the popup “service agreement”. You need to select the country first after that read the agreement clearly. To proceed further you need to click on “I Agree” button.

The next window will open with the “Google Analytics Java Script Code”. You need to copy this code and paste in the website/blog.

You need to integrate this code in the header part of the web page as discussed in the first paragraph.

java script code

After integrating the code in the website. You now able to track the traffic of your website. For detail please have a look on the below specified screen. The Google Analytic Dashboard help you to track the traffic, acquisition, behavior, goal and many more.

website traffic overview

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