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What types of Google Ads campaign is a good fit for your business?

Google Ads is one of the most widely used platform to run paid campaign on Google and its network site. Based on the overall survey Google stands as a first choice of marketer to run digital marketing campaign.

Recently Google made an update of change of name. Google Adwords name changed to Google Ads.

6 Campaign types supported by Google Ads

  1. Search Network with Display select
  2. Search Network only
  3. Display Network only
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal app

As most of are familiar with the types of Google ads and its campaign type. But, very few using it in a correct way. In this post, I am going to explain the types of campaign and its perfect use based on types of business and its objectives.

The selection of campaign is more depends on the business objective, not its type. In this article, I am going to explain each campaign and how it fits perfect with business objective.

Let’s starts exploring each campaign type one by one.

Search network with display select campaign is perfect in following business objective–

If you want to reach the large audience over both search and display network, you should go with this campaign type. As per Google, this is one of the best campaign to reach most of your customers. All your ads appear on both search and Google display network sites based on user query matching your ads.

If you don’t have enough time to manage both search and display campaign separately, you can go and have the one “search network with display select” campaign.

Search network only campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you want to target only Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) only, this is the perfect campaign and helps you to acquire the first position on SERP.

If you have very small budget, you can start with this campaign. This helps to get the better result in low budget.

Want to have more control over keywords bid.

Display network only campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you want to build brand awareness, Display Campaign is the perfect option.

Want to advertise on specific website to display your products/services. Google have millions of website in network site. These sites helps you to display showcase your product/services as per your marketing objective. Based on your marketing objective you can prioritize the display campaign on impression, visits, and conversion.

If you are interested in remarketing campaign, then Display network is the best campaign to start with.

If you want to display the ads on YouTube, Display campaign offers you the feature to run display campaign on YouTube.

Shopping campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you have an ecommerce store, you should go for shopping campaign. This campaign helps advertise you products from your e-commerce site over Google Shopping. To run this campaign, you need to have a Google Merchant Center.

Video campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you want to promote your videos, Google video campaign is a perfect match. They offer lot more feature to format the ad, i.e. ad after few seconds, and buffer videos.

Help you to create or place your video content over YoutTube.

Universal App campaign type is perfect in following business objective –

If you have an APP and want to get it promoted over Google search, Google display, and Google video network, you should opt Universal App Campaign.

If you want to increase the APP installation.

Conclusion –

The selection of campaign is much more depends on you business objective not the type of business. If you want to create brand awareness – Display campaign is the best option, for search ad only – search network is good, for reaching large customer – display with search network, for app- universal app campaign, for shopping – shopping campaign, and for video promotion – video campaign is perfect.

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