Methods of Changing/Updating WordPress Admin Password

This blog seems to be very useful for the website owner who are having website over WordPress. Know a days most of us are using WordPress to create their website/blog.

In this blog we are going to discuss all available methods to change the password of “Wordpress Admin”. Depending on various situations we have to reset the password many time.

Case 1: You can change the password using WordPress Interface. If you lost your password, WordPress built in recovery mechanism uses the mail service. Using your email id it helps to reset the password.

But there are various hosts which does not support such service. E-mail may not work perfect and due to that you will not able to restore/reset the password. In such case use the Case 2 or Case 3.

Case 2: This method compares to be perfect and work in every types of situation.

In WordPress Dashboard – >Users –> All Users

Select the user and click on Edit Button

For detail please have look on the below screen


After clicking on user “Admin” it shows “Edit” option click on it. This will take you to the new windows. Here, to change password click on “Generate Password”. Set the new password and then click on “Update”. Then logout.


Next time when you login to the admin panel you need to enter the new password which you have created.

Case 3: Using database you can changes the Admin Panel Password. Go to the database and select the user table. Under user table you need to set the new password and corresponding that set select MD5.

Here, we are going to demonstrate the complete process of changing password using database. I am using Godaddy server. So, using the same I am going to demonstrate the complete process.

Login to Godaddy –>Click on “Manage” Corresponding to “Web Hosting” –>

Under “All Hosting” click on “Manage” corresponding to the domain hosting for which you want to change password –> This will take you to the C-Panel

Under C-panel select “PHP MY Admin” –> Select The Database –> Move to “Wp-Users” table

Double click on “Edit” button. For detail please see the below screen.


The next screen will ask you to input the password. So, based on your choice you can enter the new password and select “MD5”. Finally click “Go”. Once done the password is changed.

For detail you can see the below mentioned print screen.


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