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Why SEO & UX Matter The Most?

In last ten years, SEO expert experience so many changes regarding search engine performance. The search engine keeps on reforming their algorithm to provide the accurate information. In last ten years, Google made so many changes to improve the search behavior. The most famous changes are –

  • 1. Humming Bird
  • 2. Panda
  • 3. Penguin
  • 4. Region
  • 5. Possum
  • 6. Fred
  • 7. Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Now, Google is more concerned with user experience. To evaluate this Google start giving importance to both SEO and “User-Experience.” If website SEO is good and also taking care of user experience in right way, the website is going to achieve success from both user and search engine point of view.

What do all play regarding SEO and UX?


Headings are ranging from H1 to H6, and this tells search engine crawler and user the hierarchy of the content. As per the search engine guideline and for better user experience, a page must have only one H1 tag. This helps crawler and user to get the detail about what page is all about.

Apart from that, there are certain other heading tags, and web page can have any no. of them. However, use it properly by keeping in mind the user experience.

Website structure and navigation

The website must have proper navigation, and the user can easily navigate to any web page of a website from any page. Most of the website not focusing on the navigation and that leads to various issues in crawling and indexing over a search engine. Even user feeling complex to reach deeper into the website.

Website with proper structure helps the user to explore any page easily and navigate throughout the website. Also very beneficial to get search engine indexing with sitelinks. Based on the navigation and site structure, search engine algorithm automatically creates sitelinks for the website over search engine result page.

Page size and loading time

Loading time and page size seem to be important from both search engine crawler and user point of view. Web pages with less loading time get better indexing and user also like it because they do not have to wait for a longer period.

Website loading time is one of the most important elements of Google ranking algorithm.

There are various platform and tools are available that helps to check the loading time of the website. The most popular are Google PageSpeed Insight tool and GT Metrix. These tools seem to be perfect to control loading time of a website and improve its performance from both search engine crawler and user.

Search engine crawler not only evaluates loading time over desktop but also evaluate the same over a mobile device.

Mobile experience

Mobile experience includes so many factors that both search engine crawler and user consider.

  • 1. Loading speed
  • 2. Responsiveness
  • 3. Navigation and hierarchy
  • 4. Image

Apart from that mobile friendliness consider being the most important ranking factor for a website. In coming years 2018 Google going to roll out “Mobile First Indexing” algorithm and all significance will go to the mobile-friendly website.

Based on the technology development, most of us prefer to use a mobile phone to explore the website. To provide the better user experience search engine give more importance to mobile-friendly site.

Conclusion –

By reading this blog, you get a detailed overview of how search engine optimization and user experience is significance to rank higher over a search engine.

Start evaluating your website on the factors mentioned above and check how you are balancing SEO and user experience(UX).

Why SEO & UX Matter The Most?
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Why SEO & UX Matter The Most?
Check this out how SEO and User Experience plays an important role to rank higher over a search engine. Start evaluating your website on SEO and UX basis. 1. Heading 2. Website structure and navigation 3. Page size and loading time 4. Mobile experience
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