Will SEO die or not? This is one of the most popular question every SEO thinks for a while during the battle of ranking top in search engine. We would like to share the insight on will SEO die or not. Most of the SEO expert predicted that if SEO is not dead now, it will going to die soon. But this is not true, as per the expert analysis conducted by expert SEO professional, they identified that there are lot more modification will happen to search engine algorithm to better index and fetch more accurate result. From last many years we have seen popular search engine keep modifying their algorithm to provide the most accurate result. If we talk about the most popular search engine – Google, we can say that in last few years we have seen so many updates like humming bird, penguin, panda, pigeon, Fred and so on. Now SEO is more focused towards the high quality content. As compare to traditional SEO we can say that ranking higher in search engine depends on lot more factors.

In last few years Google made so many advancements in its algorithm. All such changes were made to refine the searches and provide the more accurate results. Previously there were so many black hat SEO techniques were used by professional. The most common were keywords stuffing, low quality content, high keywords density, poorly optimized content, re-use of same content on multiple site and so on. To overcome such issues and to provide the more accurate result Google Search engine keep working on this area.

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Now, the question comes why search engine changing their ways to evaluate a website

Here, we would like to evaluate the most important changes to make SEO more effective in terms of user query. Let’s consider Google and start elaborating the reasons –

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird was launched on 22nd August 2013

To provide the more accurate result, Hummingbird evaluates the search query and provides the more accurate result that perfectly matching the query. Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query rather than keywords.

In order to make your make your visibility more accurate and perfect, understand the user query. Based on the user query you can generate the keywords. Initially start with long term keywords.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin was first launched on 24th April 2012

The main motive of penguin is to evaluate websites on the basis of backlinks pointing to site. Algorithm evaluate following –

  • Is the backlink matching the theme of the site?
  • Is backlink is natural in nature?
  • What is the spam score of site from where backlink are coming?

How it works – Google penguin basically evaluate every site on above listed parameters. Previously Google released so many different version of Penguin to update the Google search result. Last year 2016 Google incorporated it into core ranking algorithm. So, Penguin is now evaluating every site on real time.

Google Panda

Google Panda was first launched on 24th Feb 2011.

The main motive of panda was to evaluate every web-pages and websites that is indexed over Google on following parameters –

  • Duplicated content
  • Thin content
  • Keyword stuffing

How it worksGoogle Panda basically evaluate every web pages and website that are indexed over search engine as per ranking factor, then assign quality score. Quality score works as a ranking factor. Previously Google released so many different versions of Panda to update the Google search result. Last year 2016 Google incorporated it into core ranking algorithm. So, Panda is now evaluating every website on real time.

Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon was first launched in US (24 July 2014) and then in UK (22 Dec 2014)

Pigeon Update is an algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search result. The main motive of this algorithm is to improve local search result.

So, to rank well over search engine, you need to optimize the site by including the location based keywords and apart of that perform local business listing. This will help to rank well as per pigeon.

Google Mobile Friendly Update

Mobile update was first noticed on 21st April 2015

Mobile update evaluates every site and web-pages as per mobile compatibility. Sites and web-pages that are responsive, ranks higher in the mobile search engine result page as compare to non-responsive pages.

The main motive of introducing this algorithm is to focus more on mobile compatibility. As the use of smartphone and tab are increasing, many of us are using mobile and tab to explore the site. To provide the more accurate result Google introduced Google Mobile updates.

Also very soon Google going to roll out mobile first indexing


Possum launched on 1st Sept 2016

Possum is all about the filtration of local business listing over Google Map. The main motive of introducing this algorithm is to provide the more accurate business listing information. Also Google removed all the duplicate and unauthenticated business listing.

To get the complete overview on possum algorithm explore our blog – http://www.alljobshub.com/tech_blog/possum-local-ranking-algorithm-update-by-google/

Google Fred

Fred updated was first noticed on 8th March 2017

How It Works – Google Fred update evaluates a website on the basis of thin content, heavy affiliate and ads content. Google Fred is a latest update confirmed by Google. This basically target those website that focus on generating revenue by using below mentioned techniques –

  • Low quality or thin content
  • Affiliate content
  • Ads

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

AMP launched on 24 Feb 2016

Accelerated mobile page are very fast loading mobile version of the web-pages. To improve the mobile web speed Google introduce the concept of AMP. The main motive of AMP is to meet need of mobile user by providing AMP version of the same page that is specifically designed for mobile users. By eliminating some part of javascript, HTML and CSS it makes the loading time of a page much faster over mobile devices.

seo never die

Conclusion – SEO is now becoming more important to gain visibility. If you follow the guidelines and optimize the site with high quality content and other important factor, you can win the game of ranking. So, SEO will never going to die.

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