Yandex Introduces New Algorithm – Palekh

On 2nd Nov 2016, Yandex introduces a new algorithm called Palekh. The Palekh was introduced with the motive to improve the search result relating to long tail queries.

Why Yandex choose its name Palekh?

Recently Yandex announced in its blog that they have integrated a new algorithm i.e. Palekh. The name is decided on the basis of famous city of the Russia and its having a firebird on its coat of arms. The firebird has a very long tail and this seems to be the perfect name for this new algorithm that work on long query.

Deep Insight on Palekh

The new algorithm “Palekh” will not just fetch the result based on the query match or word match. It will evaluate the result on the basis meaning that perfectly matching the pages.

This new algorithm using a concept of “neural networks“. The query is evaluated by exploring the web documents in a group.

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