Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

  • I. The specified terms and conditions covers all the important information relating to the use of our website.
  • II. On various part of our website we have specified the terms and condition check box. On the acceptance of specified terms and conditions user can make proper use of this website like applying the jobs.
  • III. The website having various section the main are career blog, tech-blog and Jobs. Based on the interest user/visitor can explore the section of the website.
  • IV. There is no age requirement in order to apply the job. All the visitor who wants to apply the jobs need to explore the right job category or can make the use of search feature.
  • V. The search feature works perfectly and helping user to find the right job.
  • VI. The website having hundred plus jobs in different categories. The job categorization are based on the various parameters like fresher, experience, managerial, sales, marketing, IT, finance, BPO, and so many.
  • VII. There is no need of registration in order to apply the job. Candidate need to share few details i.e. name, email id, phone no, CV and message.
  • VIII. On the home page the top 10 most recent jobs will be displayed and under each category the list of all the jobs corresponding to that category will be displayed.
  • IX. Jobs are collected from various sources like job portal and social networking sites. AllJobsHub not copying the content. Based on the job type we write the whole content and integrate the same over the website.

2. Use of website

  • I. User can view any pages of our website in a web browser.
  • II. User can apply any jobs over the website. But before applying user need to check his/her eligibility for the same job.
  • III. To apply the job user need to input few mandatory data i.e. name, email id, phone no, CV/resume and message. We capture this data to help companies to find the complete detail of the candidate and easy to contact them.
  • IV. User can explore the blog section relating to career and digital marketing. This helps user to make him/her more updated.
  • V. User can use this website for the purpose of applying the relevant job and reading the career and tech blog. Other than this may not be allowed. User are not allowed to copy and paste the content over other site.
  • VI. User can write his/her comment relating to different blogs. “AllJobsHub” admin review each and every comment. After approval the comment will be published over the website corresponding to that blog.
  • VII. You may not be allowed to make inappropriate use of ““AllJobsHub” website by copying content and image.
  • VIII. You may not use “AllJobsHub” website in any way that is unlawful, fraudulent, harmful, illegal or harmful.
  • IX. You may not use “AllJobsHub” website to collect data.

3. Information Over Website

  • I. We at AllJobsHub listing all the active jobs and categorized on the basis of types of job.
  • II. All Jobs are collected from different sources like social networking sites, job portal.
  • III. All the accurate jobs are listed over the website with right information.
  • IV. No fake and wrong information specified.
  • V. The jobs content are accurate.

4. No Registration Required

  • I. Over the website user can apply any number of jobs without registration. To apply job user need to specify few details like name, email id, CV, phone no and message for each job. Also accept the terms and condition.
  • II. We at AllJobsHub don’t make inappropriate use of the candidate personal information.
  • III. We at AllJobsHub share the candidate profile with the concern company based on the interest of the candidate.

5. Cookies Management

  • I. The website not using any third party cookies to store the website visitor information.
  • II. User can make perfect use of the website.

6. Our Details

  • I. This website is owned and operated by AllJobsHub.
  • II. We are having our registered office in Gurgaon, India
  • III. You can contact us:
  • a) By using our email id info@alljobshub.com
  • b) By filling the contact form of contact us page.
  • c)By using following no: +91 9999712618 and +0124 4230739