Career booster

In this blog we are going to share the 5 best tips that help to boost your career and also to develop your overall personality.
1. Ask for feedback: – You can always ask your reporting manager / boss for the feedback. This helps you to get deeper insight about the area of improvement. Create an action plan as per the feedback. Analyze all your negative points and create an action plan to overcome such issues.

2. Join Courses: – Sometime there may be a situation when you require upgrading your skill and knowledge. So, to upgrade your knowledge and skills, you can join courses on weekends.

To complete the job, you need to be proficient with the skills and technologies it requires. Depending on your availability and time you can choose the courses and upgrade your skills.

3. Create your career plan: Always have proper career plans if you want to grow like a professional. It’s better to create a 5 year career plan.

a) Brainstorm about your career goals. Think about following before setting goal:
i) What you want to be after 5 years?
ii) Your career goal and how you are going to achieve it?

b) Create milestone at half yearly basis to measure the success of your goal.

4. Take new challenges: Always ready to accept new challenges. This helps you to enhance your skill and learning. This also helps to improve your confidence level.

5. Positive attitude: Always have a positive attitude at your work station. Now, let’s focus on how to maintain positive attitude at work:

a) Always treat your team member and co-workers with respect.
b) Analyze the problem deeply and always maintain the team spirit.

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