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Every job portal uses some kind of dynamic functionality to evaluate the candidate’s profile on the basis of some dynamics and fetch the results according to that. So, to enhance the visibility of your profile, you need to be familiar with the functionality. Once you gain the insight about the functionality of data you’re fetching, can give the best result and able to get the best recommended job.

In this blog we are going to discuss about the functionality that job portals following in order to fetch candidates’ profiles. Also, we are going to discuss, how you can achieve profile visibility.

  1. The profile visibility will depend on how frequently you are updating. The more you make changes and keep updated your profile you gain better visibility. At present the most popular job search sites use to show that profile that you need to update your profile on regular interval. You can make updates in terms of skills, resume title, experience and many more.

    But whatever changes you are making, it should be accurate. If they are found incorrect at a later stage your profile may be rejected by the recruiter or employer. You may have multiple options to add skills in your profile and update it. So, you can make changes in any of the field and after that save it.

    By updating, we don’t means that you need to update your profile on a daily basis. You should update it twice or once a week. This is enough to improve profile visibility.

  2. Need to have a complete profile over job portal. These are considered to be one of the important factors in profile visibility. Recruiter or employer always prefers to explore that profile that is complete. To make your profile complete you need to make it complete in all aspects. Different portal having different requirements. So, fulfill all the requirements like mobile number validation, email verification, integration of skills, experience and employer detail.

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